"For client and with client"


Good Idea is a one of the most imoportant thing. That is the way to make a good relations with client. First of all is to prepare a good conversation. We try to find a common point of view. We identify the client's needs.

Than we go to project. We offer a complete architecual and design service for projects. We have extensive experience in projecting private and public objects.

 Architectual project, construction project, electric project, ventilation,project, drainage and plumbing projects.

 Of course we prepare special projects either.

We are project and perform company.

I'm the owner and I arrange all the building process.

We can offer a complete design service for project and of course a complete perform. That means we have the complete offer.

 By many years our contacts are useful. Many suppliers are at our disposal every time.

We are responsible for designing, constructing, design a wide range of all special systems.

We ensure that the project is completed in a timely and correct manner.

Our company carry on your construction, so You have a lot of free time to spend with Your family, friends, hobby.

 We manage this construction to the huge and brave end.

Our suppliers are very carfully onto your order. We cooperate with main special producers in all around the world.

We prepare detailed workings,drawings and specyfications. Coordinate the work of contractors.

Our special offers are: saunas for houses and public objects, SpA& wellness zones.

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